Our History

Paul and Jacqueline met on a spring day while in 5th grade at Barton Chapel Elementary in Augusta, Georgia  (in 1975).  We were both 10 years old at the time and knew then that the future would be bright for us together.  We got married in 1984 at the age of 19, and received the Holy Ghost in a Pentecostal Church in Jacksonville, NC a few months later, while serving with the United States Marine Corps.  The LORD immediately started mapping out a course and path for us and two years later, our son, Paul II was born.  Two years after Paul II arrived, our daughter, Shauntriva came on the scene.

Soon afterwards, we were assigned to overseas locations, where GOD used us mightily on the mission field (Greece, Indonesia, China, and Japan).  It was during these travels that the LORD began to shape and hone our ministerial skills.

We helped train and equip church leaders and ministers in all facets of administration, altar work, and ministry.  Prayer is the foundation of any church and within Nurturing Souls Ministries, our foundation is PRAYER.

We have the heart of GOD and want to be very effective within our community and beyond.  We aspire to show the LOVE of GOD, while nurturing those within the church that arrive broken, bruised, dejected, and downtrodden.  Our ministry is one of restoration and healing, while ensuring that spiritual growth and maturity are attained.

We are actively involved in our community and active in mentoring youth and young adults.   We have a willingness to listen to the needs of others and offer sound scriptural advice and guidance.   Our dynamic preaching styles are sure to inspire and motivate listeners.

There is a special seat reserved…”just for you”…at Nurturing Souls Ministries!

GOD BLESS you all,

Paul and Jacqueline Johnson