Nurturing Souls Ministries Church Manassas Park, Virginia

Nurturing Souls Ministries Church in Manassas Park, Virginia, is sanctioned by GOD to exhibit love and compassion to those that are broken, rejected, and defeated within our immediate and surrounding communities.  Our mandate is to spread the gospel  of Jesus Christ while also demonstrating HIS attributes.

We are committed to providing a worship experience that would meet all of your spiritual needs, while encouraging spiritual growth and maturity.

Our Sunday Morning Worship Experience at 12pm and our Wednesday evening Bible Studies at 7:30pm are energetic and focused on ensuring that each person within the audience will go home with  a greater appreciation and knowledge of JESUS.  Our aim is to inspire, educate, and provide biblical wisdom while challenging each listener to strive for a deeper understanding of the word of GOD.

We are excited about the word of GOD and we both thoroughly enjoy preaching and expounding on GOD's word and there is 'never a dull moment'. The word of GOD is a powerful tool in the hands of the saints and when properly equipped, the WORD gives us strength, power, clarity, and substance to draw from in our day-to-day life.

May God continue to bless you and keep you today and forever more.

Meet us at the Lord's house,